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Technology support in the Penicuik area since 2006

Arkle IT are still able to provide technology support in the current situation with limitations. Remote support is available or you can drop off equpment for repair with minimal contact


Arkle IT provides a variety of Computer and Technology solutions serving Penicuik, Bilston and Roslin. Computer and laptop repairs, system sourcing and installation, replacement batteries, keyboards and LCD screens for most laptops, malware and virus cleanups, broadband and wireless configuration. We can also supply refurbished PC systems from brand names such as Dell, HP and Lenovo



Arkle IT can resolve many problems with computers and laptops including hardware faults, data recovery and backup, memory upgrades and Windows OS re-installation

System Installation

We are happy to advise on the purchase of new equipment then can configure and install it for you. If you want to replace an ageing machine, your data can be transferred over to the new one. Printer, iPads, tablet and broadband wireless router installation is also availble


Having worked in the IT industry since 1986, I established Arkle IT here in Penicuik back in 2006. Computer technology has changed dramatically over the past 32 years with the speed of processors increasing from an average of 8MHz for machines such as the Apple Macintosh and Atari ST to 2GHz (2000MHz) plus multi-core chips used in todays desktop PCs and laptops. Memory has jumped from 1Mbyte in the Atari 1040STF to at least 4GB (4000Mbytes) in your typical modern PC with 8GB becoming more common. Storage capacity has got much bigger while also shrinking in physical size and price - a typical hard drive in 1986 could hold 20Mbytes, cost around £750 and was about the size of a shoebox. Today a standard hard drive can hold 1TB (approx 1,000,000MB), costs about £45 and is the size of a matchbox. You can also store data on flash memory cards smaller than a stamp but only cost £5.

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5 Boyd-Orr Dr, Penicuik EH26 0JR, UK

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Chip Probing

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